Best Practices

The Turner Foundation believes each organization to be important and that the best person to convey the passion for your organization is you!

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Questions to ask before applying :

  1. Is this program clearly defined?
  2. Are there other organizations offering similar services?
  3. Can this program continue without this funding?
  4. Do we have the capabilities to carry out this program if we are funded?

Five things to consider in the presentation of a grant request :

  • Be organized. Show that your application took thought and preparation; have it ready in enough time to present it to your board for their comments and approval.
  • Demonstrate passion and purpose.
  • Explain why you believe your proposal to be important and explain how it is possible; ask: will someone who does not know anything about this organization understand what I am presenting?
  • Create an Image. An application reflects the image of an organization. Be sure to proof your application and have someone look over your work.
  • Follow organizational guidelines.  Be aware of when the application is due, how long it should be, and what should be included.