Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to submit multiple copies of application?
As the application is electronic, we do not need additional copies. We do, however, need each nonprofit to submit an audited financial statement and a list of the governing board.


Can I apply for more than one grant?
We encourage each organization to apply for one grant per year.


Can I call to check on the status of my Grant application?
Due to the number of applications, we are not able to give grant information over the phone. We request that you please wait until the dates indicated to receive further information.


I am having trouble accessing the electronic application. Could there be a problem with my computer set-up?
To access the application, applicants must have one of the following browsers with cookies enabled:
- Internet Explorer v5.5 SP-2 or higher


What if I do not have Internet access?
Libraries provide free online services and should be able to help assist you in finding the correct links.


Do we need a 501 (c)(3) IRS tax-exempt status to qualify for a grant?
Yes, in order for The Turner Foundation to fund your program you must be able to provide this letter from the IRS.


Can we submit under the umbrella of another non-profit organization?
The Turner Foundation can not fund organizations who do not have their
own 501(c)(3).


When will funds be disbursed?
Information regarding funding will be distributed approximately the third week of December.